Hittin the streets!


I wanted to take a night to get out with some friends in some new Jonesin Brand designs, and see how we were received. We had a great time out and met a lot of awesome people. The Brand was well received. The people love us, and we love them too!


We've Got News!


You may or may not have heard, but there's a new up and coming female rapper on the scene. She's been seen on Instagram in pictures with heavy hitting artists and producers. If I had to describe her, she's the hybrid love child of Iggy Azalea and Madonna. We're in the process of linking with her in hope of some brand endorsement! Stay tuned for updates! 

"Bloodclot" Music Video


M.I.A : She's baaaack

She's got a new video for her song "Bad Girls"! It's got this bad ass "genie in a bottle" "Aladdin" type of beat to it. The video itself is crazy! Epic drifting scenes with the cars, and they were doin some Paul Wall-esque sittin sidewayz type ish. It's pretty dope not gunna lie. Check it out, cause we're loving it.



Welcome to the blog for Jonesin Brand. Thanks for stopping by. We plan on keeping our customers updated on the happenings here at Jonesin Brand as well as sharing things we find interesting in the news and on the web! We hope you enjoy! Also, if ever you want to submit any news, or artwork, feel free to contact us at Have a good one kids!

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